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J.D. Edwards, also called JDE, is a software company founded in March 1977 in Denver, Colorado by Jack Thompson, C.T.P."Chuck" Hintze, Dan Gregory and Ed McVaney. The company made its name building accounting software for IBM minicomputers, beginning with the System/34 and /36, focusing from the mid 1980s on System/38 minicomputers, switching to the AS/400 when it became available. Their main AS/400 offering was called JDEdwards WorldSoftware and is popularly called World. In 1996, J.D. Edwards also launched a client-server version of their software called OneWorld. The company's official name was J.D. Edwards World Solution Company and it is located at One Technology Way, in Denver, CO 80237. JDE was bought out by PeopleSoft in 2003. PeopleSoft, in turn, was purchased by Oracle Corporation in 2005.

Three roles in JDE ERP

As an ERP system JDE comprises 3 basic areas of expertise, functional-business, programmer-developer and technical-CNC-system administration
Functional business analyst
A JDE functional person is an expert on one or more of the JDE modules, financials, manufacturing, operations, transportation, sales and other areas. This person is the business subject matter expert. Often they started as a JDE user, the super user or power user and gradually developed the skill set of being able to support the business aspects of JDE. Other times, they might have a business degree and come into JDE on the job as a business analyst. This person seldom has any programming or development experience.
1 Developer/programmer
This person is trained in the software development and programming tools that translate the business requirements as identified by the functional people above into code and programming. Sometimes these individuals simply modify existing JDE objects and in other cases, develop entire suites of applications using the OneWorld/EnterpriseOne development tools including the Report Design Aide (RDA), Table Design Aide (TDA), business function C-code design tools and others using JDE's change management system, Object Management Workbench.s
1 CNC - ERP System architect, engineer and administrator
This is a catch-all function comprising all that the two positions above do not cover including, installation, upgrades, updates, change management, system administration, security, performance tuning, package build and deployment and over-all architecture. The CNC title is taken from the term Configurable Network Computing which describes the overall JDE architecture.

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